Better, simpler tools for managing your wiki

Think about your wiki for a minute. What’s on it? Wiki pages, images, audio files. What else? Word docs, maybe? Spreadsheets? PDFs? Wouldn’t it be great to see all of that content — all of that stuff — at one time, in one place? We certainly think so, which is why we’ve introduced a new way to view your content and manage your wiki.

Instead of digging through your Manage Wiki page, the options you need most often, Pages and Files and Members, are now located on the action menu, so you can get right to them any time you need them.

Managing Pages and Files
When you click on the Pages and Files link in the action menu, you’ll see a full list of everything on your wiki. The list shows you who was the last person to edit the page or upload the file, and the date of the last change. If you move your cursor over the name, you’ll get management options for that file:

  • Image preview (image files only)
  • File Size
  • Type
  • Rename
  • Redirect (pages only)
  • Tags

You can also lock/unlock pages and files, manage tags, or delete assets in bulk by checking the items you want to change and using the buttons at the top right of the list.

This new section also gives you options for filtering the list, so that it’s easier to manage the content you care about.

  • If your wiki has active Projects, Filter by Project lets you limit your search to the pages and files within a single project, or to pages and files on the wiki home.
  • Filter by Type lets you restrict your search to just pages, just files, or just page templates.
  • Filter by Status describes how the page or file is being used in the wiki:
    • “All” will give you a list of all the files that have been uploaded and all the pages or templates that have been created on your wiki.
    • “Normal” will give you a list of all the files that have been added to a page, and all the existing pages that are linked to by other wiki pages.
    • “Wanted” will give you a list of all the pages that have been created by new links, but have never been edited. (If your wiki includes links to files that have since been deleted, you will see those on this list, as well.)
    • “Orphaned” will give you a list of all the files that have been uploaded to the wiki but never added to a page, and all the pages that have been created and edited, but no other pages link to them.

Adding Pages and Files
If you’re already on the Pages and Files page, you can click the buttons on the upper left to create a page or upload files. But no matter where you are in the wiki, you can click the plus-sign button in the action menu to add new content to your wiki:

  • To create a new page, just type in the name and hit Create. If you have templates or want to add tags, you can apply them to the page before hitting the Create button.
  • To create a new page template, select the New Template from the menu, and give your template a name. If you want, you can base the template on an existing page in your wiki. Click Create Template, edit the page as you want, and save the page as a page template.
  • To add files, select Upload Files from the menu. Click the Upload Files button, select the files to upload, and click Open.

And of course you can always add pages and files while you’re editing a page. Just link to a new page to create it, or use the files tool in the editor toolbar to upload files and add them directly to your page.

Managing and Inviting Members
Now you can get to your Manage Members page directly from the action menu. Just click Members and you’ll be able to see your list of members, review pending memberships, remove old members, and promote new organizers (or demote old organizers).

If you want to invite new members to your wiki, click the invite Members button on the Members page, or just use the plus-sign button next to the Members action menu link from anywhere in your wiki. Either option will give you an invitation pop-up, where you can invite up to 100 members at a time by username or email address.

If you’re creating new users with the bulk user creator tool, click the plus sign for the Invite Members popup, then follow the User Creator Tool link and create your users.

And there you have it! These changes should make managing your wikis clearer and simpler than ever before.

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One Comment

  1. Posted February 26, 2012 at 12:12 am | Permalink

    I have a question about messages.
    We usually welcome new members in our with a personal message, which we have tried to retrieve but there seems to be no option for that.
    Is there a way we can follow the thread of personal messages between members of a wiki?

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