Ending Support for Internet Explorer 6

As of June 18, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6) on Wikispaces. Starting May 24, visitors to any Wikispaces site using IE 6 will see a warning banner linking to this blog post. We will continue to support Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8, as well as other modern web browsers.

If you are using IE 6 we encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer by running Windows Update or by contacting your IT department. If you can’t upgrade Internet Explorer we heartily recommend Firefox, a free download.

While we understand this change may inconvenience some of you, it’s a necessary change. Given how few people still use IE 6 as their web browser, the benefits are too small to continue to justify the amount of work that is required to keep Wikispaces working on IE 6. Importantly, your choice of safe, fast, and free alternatives has never been better. Here are some very good reasons to start using a newer, better web browser:

  • IE 6 will be nine years old this summer. By Internet standards, that’s old! Microsoft has released two entirely new versions of Internet Explorer since then, in October 2006 and March 2009.
  • IE 6 is unsafe. In addition to dozens of security fixes over the years, IE 6 is currently vulnerable to 24 known insecurities that are unlikely to ever be fixed[1]. These vulnerabilities put you, your computer, and your data at risk if you browse the Internet with IE 6.
  • IE 6 is slow. Modern browsers have made tremendous performance strides in recent years. A new version of IE, Firefox, or Chrome will feel like a rocket ship in comparison.
  • IE 6 does not support modern web standards. We’ve spent a considerable amount of effort over the years developing fixes and workarounds for Wikispaces to function on IE 6 — workarounds not required for any other browser. We have some awesome changes planned and we simply cannot make them work in IE 6. You’ll also find that many other websites work much better when you upgrade to a newer web browser.

Fewer than one in twenty visitors to Wikispaces uses IE 6. Of those who do, the vast majority are visitors who never login to the site. When we end support in June, we’ll be joining Google Apps[2], YouTube[3], and dozens of other web companies[4] who have already ended support for IE 6.

So again, if you’re running IE 6, first, check with your IT department if you have one. They may already have an upgrade for you. The next best option is to run Windows Update and upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. If you’re unable to run Windows Update, Firefox is a great option.

Here’s our full list of supported browsers:

We’re always here to answer any questions you have: drop us a note at help@wikispaces.com.

  1. http://secunia.com/advisories/product/11/
  2. http://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/2010/01/modern-browsers-for-modern-applications.html
  3. http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2010/02/youtube-to-kill-ie6-support-on-march-13.ars
  4. http://www.ie6nomore.com/
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  1. Posted May 19, 2010 at 6:38 am | Permalink

    No support for Google Chrome? I often use Wikispaces on Chrome and have not had any problems…

  2. Posted May 19, 2010 at 7:24 am | Permalink

    Hi David,

    Google Chrome works fairly well with Wikispaces but is not currently on our officially supported list of browsers. We expect to add it soon.


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