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“After researching many wiki sites for educational and school use I have found wikispaces to be by far the best. I will be plugging your wiki space to my colleagues and other schools. Keep up the good work.”
– Dale N.

“Wikispaces is our wiki of choice; it is so easy to use, and there really are no barriers. […] Thanks, again, for providing a wonderful place to share ideas. I am a huge fan.”
– Beth Lynne Ritter-Guth

“I like wikispaces very much, it’s quite a useful site for anyone needing or wanting an easy to setup and use wiki, and I’ll be using it again in the future for my wiki needs.”
– Wolf359

“I am attempting to port a manager’s intranet from JotSpot to Wikispaces, and while you guys lack some of the bells and whistles of Jot, your code seems much more solid & dependable, and your customer service seems light-years ahead of JotSpot. I assume you will be continuing to grow the feature set intelligently, yet maintain your customer focus, and I will support you in this effort.”
– Tom Graf

“I will continue to promote wikispaces as the best wiki solution for education (ad-free, easy to use, great features.)”
– Graham Wegner

“Wikispaces is a wonderful tool for educators. I do keynote presentations at many of the educational technology conferences for teachers and I plan to start using wikispaces my ‘first choice’ for teachers. Your prompt, well-informed response to my technical problem makes all the difference in my confidence level. Thanks! Keep up the great work.”
– Annette Lamb

“Your product is excellent and a must have for teaching and learning.”
– Tony Whittingham

“Wikispaces is awesome in its elegance and ease of use. I am a big fan.”
– Rona Roberts

“Many thanks for your quick responses to my emails and the great wiki site you have created.”
– Adrian W.

“I am using wikispaces and wanted to thank you. It is a wonderful implementation of the wiki concept. Close enough to the fast, lightweight wikis of yore but you’ve added just enough functionality to make it really powerful. I’ve tried any number of free and commercial wikis in the past, but this is the one I want to stick with.”
– Azeem Azhar

“Wikispaces are a great idea and a wonderful teaching tool. Thanks for making them
– Suzanne Fleming

“Wikispaces rocks! I’m glad that it’s becoming easier to use every day. Thank you for all your long hours and great work!”
– Nathan Vickers

“We have been very satisfied with our wikispaces. We’ve tried other tools and this was the easiest. Good work.”
– Paul Ide

“I just wanted to say that I am always singing the praises to teachers about your site. I love my wikis (I have multiple). Thanks for a great product.”
– Brandi Caldwell

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  1. Posted August 30, 2006 at 1:34 am | Permalink

    I love wikispaces too, I have been going to schools promoting the space and getting kids involved in using it in the classroom. Schools are also linking into it to give them back the ownership of their own websites.
    Keep up the great service.

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